Fun Facts Friday: [6/20/14]

1) The school year is OFFICIALLY done! We have a parent brunch this afternoon and a close-out to make sure we’ve got all our boxes packed and ready to move in to our new building. But we are DONE. And it feels so good.

2) On Wednesday, we had our network-wide End-of-the-Year celebration! :)



It was held at the Corinthian Center in San Jose, which is where most of our PD happened back in August. I can’t believe how much has changed since then. The people I was once just rubbing shoulders with during sessions are now some of my favorite people ever.


I was lucky enough to work alongside this wonderful lady. Bruni – I don’t know what I would do without you this year.


I spent the night dancing with these lovely folks. Ryan, Liana, and Jose. Three people I learned so much from over the course of the year. <3

3) I scored some new shades from the Photo Booth on Wednesday.


Don’t they look familiar

4) Yesterday, our school staff went wine-tasting.


Our first stop was Burrell-School Winery, where everything was teacher themed. Everything from the decor, down to the names of the wines, was in some way school related.



The view was UNREAL and I’m happy we parked here for a while to enjoy the scenery with some lunch.



The lady pouring our tastings said, “If there’s one thing I know, teachers love their wine.” 


Amen to that.




I loved our experience so much that I signed up to be a wine club member in the middle of our tasting session. View was great. Wine was phenomenal. So, if someone could kindly take my credit card away now so that I don’t spend my entire life savings on wine club memberships, that would be fab.

Our next stop was TestaRossa Winery. We pretty much almost died at least 87 times on our bus ride to TestaRossa. Only to discover that we were driving up the mountain in a completely different direction.


Because of our detour, our time at this winery was cut short. Which was absolutely fine, because I was just happy to be alive at that point.

5) Julia and I made pizza last night. She misinterpreted my instructions and started building the pizza on our countertop.


But then she made up for it by doing the cool spinny trick that only fancy chefs know how to do.


Also, we may have got sidetracked because we had so much to catch up on. Both pizzas came out a little burned on the bottom. Oops.


It looks like she’s easily cutting into that thing. Don’t be fooled.


We enjoyed our pizza + wine by the pool. Such a beautiful night out!



6) My birthday is in 4 DAYS. I’m flying out to DC on Monday so I’ll be spending the special day with my Sister. Can’t wait! :)

Have a fantastic Friday! :)

Questions of the Day:

  • What’s one fun fact from your week?

  • What’s one thing you’re looking forward to this weekend? 

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