Fun Facts Friday [3/21/14]

Fun Facts Friday

1) 50 years ago today, John Wooden led UCLA to its first NCAA title. So excited to watch our Bruins play today. And, in honor of the Bruins, thought I would share this picture that Rob and Julia sent over of baby Avery! :) I sent some UCLA apparel over to celebrate her birth – she’s probably the cutest little UCLA fan ever.

photo 3

2) Still loving on my Full Circle subscription. Although they haven’t had pizza dough in about 3 weeks and that makes me super bummed.


3) I spent a good 15 minutes in front of the deodorant section at Target earlier this week. Why are there SO many darn options?


4) Alyssa and I bought these “Totes” bags that she found at West Elm.


Alyssa and I met back in the UniCamp days when we drove everyone crazy with our excessive “abbrev” talk. So, naturally, this tote was totes a necessity.

5) I have some of the best, most supportive friends in the world. After feeling extremely frustrated this entire week, it was really helpful to receive pep talks and reminders that this too shall pass (Thanks Hemie for that reminder!).


6) I’m obsessed with this Quinoa Fried Rice concoction. It is so ridiculously easy to throw together. This week, I added water chestnuts. Best addition ever.


7) Half Marathon Training Week #2 is almost done. I did 4 miles yesterday, which I should have saved for Sunday. But, it just felt so nice to be moving again that I didn’t quite want to hop off the treadmill.


8) Speaking of treadmills, I’m not the biggest fan of them, especially as the weather continues to get better AND it’s so light outside when I get home from work. I think I’ll start taking my runs back outside after this week. Any recommendations for an iPhone app to accurately track distance?


9) I finally dug this out from the bottom of my drawer.


10) Sister went to the Nike outlets and sent me some new workout clothes. I love her!


It’s also nice to be able to put off doing laundry for another week. :)

11) Starbucks is rolling out it’s Starbucks Evening program! I don’t know whether I should be excited or worried that I’ll be throwing even more money at them…..


And just for fun because I saw this and could NOT stop laughing:


Have a wonderful Friday and a fabulous weekend! :)



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