I’m Frustrated

Warning: If you want to avoid a bunch of whining and bitching, I suggest you close your browser now. 

I’m frustrated.

I’m frustrated that state testing is coming up. I’m frustrated that the testing is responsible for eliminating nearly a month of instruction for my students.

I’m frustrated that the security guard at my school passes judgment on our students without even understanding them. No, my students are not brats. No, you are not an expert on behavior simply because you are observing them from a distance. So keep your narrow-minded, asshole comments to yourself please.

I’m frustrated that I made the choice to come home to two glasses of wine instead of the treadmill.

I’m frustrated that my fridge is full of fresh fruits and veggies, but Tuesday knocked all the energy out of me so, instead of cooking, I’m lying on the couch.

I’m frustrated that I have an IEP meeting on Thursday morning and I have yet to draft up goals and present levels.

I’m frustrated that I’m still coughing. Even though I only have myself to blame for that one.

I’m frustrated when people don’t understand why my job doesn’t just end at 5PM.

On that note, I’m frustrated because people assume I must have a fab lifestyle because I’m a “teacher.”

I’m frustrated because, when I reflect on my day, I remember the many interactions that could have been better. All the times I could have said something more productive, more constructive.

I’m angry.

I’m upset.

I’m annoyed.

I’m frustrated.

But, in the midst of all this word vomit, I know that tomorrow is another day. Today can be my Hump Day. Tomorrow, we’re moving forward.


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    Whine & bitch away, my friend!! Some days suck and there’s always a jerk or two in the crowd {sadly, some of them work AT our schools}. But you’re right…today is a new day and I hope it rocks!
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      Wishing you progress and the will to move forward. Sending all positivity and 0 f&!*$ to give to people that stand in your way. Xoxoxoxxxxxxx Val

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