Scenes from This Weekend [2/17/14]

Hope you all had a fantastic Prezzies Weekend. I definitely did because I was one of the fortunate ones that got the extra day off! :)

Started off with a nice relaxing day in on Friday :)


Can we talk about how much I am loving the Full Circle box I get each week? I’m obsessed.

I spent Sunday in Carmel with the family. And was spoiled with some homemade soup and cough medication. Fancy stuff, I know.


I took the baby on a long walk. And by long, I mean a small little loop in the neighborhood.


It just took longer than usual because he wants to stop, look, and touch everything. It’s always so fascinating to watch him as he takes in the world around him. He examines all the tiny little things that I, and most other adults, take for granted. Makes me think that I need to stop and think like a 3-year old more often.


We went bike-riding along the water front.



It was more of a workout than I had expected it to be.


And a lot more dangerous. I may have almost toppled the bike over (with us in it) a couple times.


We used the Full Circle dough to make some pizza for dinner on Sunday night.


And then topped it off with some avocado. Avocado on pizza is totally normal.


On my drive to Carmel, I noticed a sign that said “7 avocados for $1.00.” I’d be crazy not to stop.



All those avocados for #2.50. #AvosForDays

I got back early this morning to get some work done. I just picked this up from my friend, Emma, who is now the Program Specialist for Rocketship. She used to work at the school that I work at and found that she no longer needs a lot of these leveled books and resources she had stored away. I was happy to take them! But now my trunk is PACKED. I need another weekend to go through it all.


Luckily, this week is only 4 days long! :)

Hope you have a great one! Good night!


Did you have today off? What did you do this weekend?

Avocado on pizza? Yes or no?

What’s your cure for the nastiest cough EVER?





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