Weigh-In Wednesdays: Week 2

Semi-sweet chocolate chips

Semi-sweet chocolate chips (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m 3 pounds down since the start of the Lose-A-Marathon challenge – not exactly on track to losing a marathon by September. But that’s my own fault. This past week, I went up north, ate out a lot and wasn’t as active as I could have been. On top of that, Sister and I went out last night and our dinner consisted of wine and bread (I know. Not smart. Don’t yell at me). 

This week will be better. I’m going to start being more mindful of what I eat. I temporarily cancelled my Weight Watchers membership – not because I don’t love it, but because I’m going to be gone to camp and then moving. So I’ll probably re-subscribe when I settle in up north.

This week, I’m going to “write it if I bite it,” “scribble if I nibble,” “ink it if I drink it,” “track it if I snack it,” “log it if I hog it,” “blab it if I grab it.” <——annoyed yet? Basically, I’ve gotta keep a food journal. If I have to write down that I grabbed a handful of chocolate chips on impulse (yes, I’m guilty of that. I blame T.O.M.), I’ll be less likely to do it. Or that’s what I’m hoping for. I also like the idea of writing the “What” along with the “Why” that Roni at Roni’s Weigh does.  Roni writes: Nothing goes in the mouth you aren’t willing to write in the journal, And you better know why you are eating it! That’s the philosophy. When you are actively trying to lose weight food journaling is invaluable. It helps me pause before finishing food from the toddlers plate or grabbing a handful of Dorritos from the husbands bag because if I do, I’m going to have to write it. And if I write it what will I put in the “why” column? “Because it was there” is not a good enough reason to sabotage my goals.

This week will be better. I know it. 


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    So proud of you for stepping it up this week and making a commitment to log your foods. I’ve been using loseit.com for a couple of weeks now to log my food and it has made a HUGE difference for me. Good luck!! p.s. I’m planning to write my guest post soon…hope to get it to you by tomorrow afternoon:)

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      Have you tried Fitness Pal….you can log in your food (it counts calories, plus you can see how many grams of fat, carbs, protein, etc you consume) and you log in exercise….it also has a place for weigh ins and you can add notes to your food journaling….It is free to use!! A very valuable tool !!!

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        Yes! I used it about a year ago and saw great results with it. I stopped using it because I signed up for WW and started counting points, but I think during this lingering period of no Weight Watchers, I’ll go back to MyFitnessPal! Seems like lots of MarathonLosers are using that app!


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