Teacher Tuesdays: On Being Stubborn

Since I got back to southern California a week ago, I’ve been asked a number of times, “When are you back for GOOD?” By family. By family friends. The neighbors.

Everyone seemed to think I’d get the Bay Area out of my system and then come running back home.

Which, to be quite honest, was my thought process when I first moved up there.

And then I fell into Rocketship. 



A network that is committed to closing the achievement gap in our lifetime.

A network that is committed to giving ALL students access to a rigorous educational program – including our students with disabilities.

Our SpED Director wrote a post on Rocketship’s blog yesterday. Read it. And then you will see why this network is keeping me in the Bay Area. This stubborn network that has become my family.

Beyond Grateful

No unique thoughts this morning. No reflections of my weekend. Just feeling an overwhelming sense of love and gratification.   I am who I am because of these people.   I get to walk through this crazy world. Knowing I'm never alone. I get by-the-minute updates. Because when one person struggles, the others flock to fix it. I have a constant source of love and support. Because there are days when I most certainly need it. I am beyond grateful for this beautiful … Read more»

Fun Facts Friday [6/26/15]


Happy, happy Friday! [Even though every day feels like Friday.] 1) One of my favorite kiddos called me yesterday to wish me Happy Birthday. My heart nearly exploded after talking to him. I love love LOVE having summers off, but I miss all the kiddos SO much. Especially the ones who won't be returning next year. 2) I have been weight training this week. After a long time of only doing cardio and bits and pieces of yoga. Which means I can barely move my body. I'm currently … Read more»