Walking, Cooking, Couch-Ing

My weekend consisted of primarily three things: walking, cooking, and couch-ing.


Again, I will openly admit that these fake trophies on the Fitbit app are enough motivation to get me moving all weekend long.

fitbit trophy


Yesterday, Mana-Manaf (who now lives in Mountain View!) and I walked the LG Trail, my favorite weekend activity.


After hiking and brunch with Manaf, I spent the rest of the day prepping for the week.





I am FINALLY done with The Voice and all caught up on Parenthood. Tissues were required for both.


For about 1.5 seconds, in the midst of all my binge TV-watching, I wondered whether I should be doing something more “fun,” like champagne brunch or going out with friends on Saturday night. After all, I did make ONE resolution to do more things that make me happy.

And then I quickly realized that I didn’t WANT to be anywhere but my couch this weekend. That the idea of champagne brunch did not make me giddy and excited. And that I was pretty content (dare I say giddy…) doing nothing but these three activities this weekend.

Welcome to your late 20s, I guess?

Loving every second of it.


Questions of the Day:

  • What are three words that would describe your weekend?
  • What are you looking forward to this week? 

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