Jump Inside My Brain

My random thought process on this FRIDAY Tuesday:

1) 5:45AM - Thank goodness for this random [dirty] T-shirt I found in my car that I can use to clean up the coffee I just spilled all over my front seat.

2) 6:45AM (Taking out the recycling) – My neighbors probably think I’m way cooler than I am and that I’m probably cleaning up after the RAGER we had last night. 

wine expo tastings

3) 7:00AM – I’m going to listen to Serial on my drive down to SoCal tomorrow morning! And then I’m going to listen to CHRISTMAS MUSIC THE ENTIRE WAY BACK UP ON SUNDAY!

Yes, this is Justin Bieber Holiday Music station. Don't judge.

Yes, this is Justin Bieber Holiday Music station. Don’t judge.

4) 7:30AM – Can I just play with my kids today instead of doing services? I just want to play. 

5) 7:45AM – Great. BOTH of the copy machines aren’t working. Maybe that’s the universe telling me that it’s OK to do fun things and NO WORK with my kiddos today. 

rbm kids

6) 7:50AM – Oh no. The staff room is already being filled with baked goods and other treats. I HAVE NO SELF-CONTROL.

7) 8:00AM – I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a smart idea to try to dry my hair by rolling down the windows in 40 degree weather. I feel a tickle in my throat.

8) 8:02AM – I’m really grateful that, in this role, I have the flexibility to pee when I want to. I feel for all the classroom teachers out there.

9) 8:05AM – 4:30PM – as;dflkjas;dlfkjasd;flkjaasdfl;kjasdf;aksjf;asf.asfdasdf I am so excited we have this holiday. I can get through the day. aads;fkljasd;flkajsdf;laksdjf;asldfjkas;flkjasfkajsf;asfas;ldfkjasd. Time to have some more coffee. asdf;lkalskdfjas;dfljkads;lfkjas;fajksf;lkjasf;lkasjf;laskfjas;lfkjas;lfjas;fljkasfa;ksldfjas;lfkjasf I can get through the day. asdf;kajsf;laksdjf;alsdkfjas;dflkjasdf;lkasjfa;slfkjas;flkjsdasdfasdf Where do these kids get their energy? af;laksdjf;alkdfja;sflkjas;ldfkjasfd I can get through the day. f;akjsdf;alksfja;skfjasd;flkjasflaskfjasfsaf;lkj

10) 5:00PM – I am so grateful to work with such an amazing staff and an incredible community of parents and families. 


11) 5:01PM – Wine. 


Question of the Day:

  • What are you usually thinking about at 7:35AM?
  • 10:32AM?
  • 5:00PM?

First Yoga Class

jen yoga

I just experienced my first yoga class. Jen tried to share her mat with me. And she also tried to set REALLY low expectations around the class. Because she wants me to love yoga. But she was afraid that, because it was a class offered through 24 Hour Fitness, it wouldn't be REAL. I mean, she was a little bit right. I imagine that if it were in a yoga studio OR in Tulum, it would be a lot more engaging. Or at least have a better, soothing background noise that wasn't the sound of … Read more»