Last Track Workout

Two half marathon posts in two days. Either I’m suddenly becoming a real human again with hobbies outside of work. Or the race is in 12 DAYS AND IT’S ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT.

Today was the last track workout of the season!



Jen was real excited about it. 

So, after dismissal today, I left everything a mess and packed up to leave work around 5PM.



I still managed to show up a bit late, but everyone was a little bit off focus because the Giants game was on. Notice the phones on the grass – people were multi-tasking by stretching and watching the game at the same time.


Today’s workout was a “burrito relay.” Between each duo, 3 miles had to be run. “Burrito” is totally a logical name for a 3-mile run, right? Jen and I interpreted the rules creatively and just ran 1.5 miles together. The purpose of the run was to allow teams to predict what their timing would be for the overall 3 miles to determine whether we were accurate on our pacing. Jen and I were the only duo that under-estimated our time. Oops. I blame the tortilla chips I ate as an appetizer to the run.


Typically, Jen and I peace out after the workout (instead of sticking around for stretching and announcements. I know. We are the worst). But today, we got roped back in because our manager had an activity planned for the team.



Lorri, our manager, passed around a purple ribbon that stretched around the entire circle. She shared that we were all a part of a team and that, when negative thoughts begin to take over our mind in mile 8, mile 9, etc. and things start to become difficult, having a piece of this ribbon would remind us that we are all a part of something so much bigger. Each of us cut off a piece of the ribbon in honor or in memory of somebody. It was a very emotional, very humbling experience to be a part of our team tonight. I’m so glad we stuck around for it.

12 more days.

Help our team reach $300,000.


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